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Wallpaper for REAL fans!

We’re hardcore fans too, just like you! We watch every single game religiously week after week in the comfort of our home in Charlottesville, VA.
At Home Stadiums, our mission is to turn your game-day sanctuary into a fancave like none other by turning your walls into a first-person view of your favorite team’s stadium. We want to help you create the ultimate environment for you to share with your friends and family so you can be a part of the stadium action all year long!
Sports Wall Mural

Home Stadiums is a startup located in Charlottesville, VA. We offer high-resolution floor to ceiling panorama images to cover the wall(s) in your room giving you a first person view as if you're looking at the field from the stands yourself. 

Sports Mural for baby room

Each of our high-resolution panoramas are taken using Gigapixel photography techniques. This means that each panorama that we offer contains anywhere from dozens to hundreds of smaller, zoomed-in, images. The individual images are stitched together to create a final panorama that contains billions of individual pixels. This allows for the extreme scaling of each image to take place and is what allows you to crop the image to give you the exact view that you want. Zoom in and blow up a small portion of the image or zoom out and get the most out of the scene... the possibilities are endless!

Wall mural

Every wall-sized Home Stadium is custom printed to the dimensions of the wall(s) that our customers want to turn into their stadium view. Once you find the image of your stadium that you love, measure the length & height of the wall(s) that you want to cover. Enter those dimensions into our cropper tool to the right of the image that you selected. The resulting crop box is a fixed aspect ratio using the dimensions you entered into the cropper. This box is an exact representation of the wall(s) that you want to cover. The image inside of that box is exactly what your wall(s) will look like. 

Miami Wall Mural

Our goal is to give you a product that will change your in-home viewing experience into something so much more than just watching your team on TV… we want you to have the perception that you are in the stadium yourself but from the comfort of your own home or your favorite business. There is nothing better than rallying at your team's stadium for the big game with fellow fans. Home Stadiums wants you to be able to do that from anywhere!

 *Beer and peanut vendors not included.

University of Georgia Wallpaper
We are currently officially licensed with:
Universities of Georgia
University of Miami
University of Virginia
Virginia Tech
and James Madison University.
We are continually pursuing other licensing opportunities with other colleges, sports and leagues, as well as adding non-stadium "stadiums" such as high-resolution cityscapes, and landscapes.
Many more universities, leagues, and sports are on the horizon for Home Stadiums so sign up for our email list and Like our Facebook and/or Instagram pages to stay tuned for your favorite stadium to be in our portfolio.

Scott Goss, Owner, in front of our first sale at Sipe's Restaurant and Bar in Harrisonburg, VA! Delicious food and an awesome place to watch the game with awesome people... check them out!