UGA Sanford Stadium Empty - Scoreboard End Zone View
UGA Sanford Stadium Empty - Scoreboard End Zone View

Sanford Stadium is the on-campus football venue for the University of Georgia Bulldogs in Athens, Georgia. The 92,746-seat stadium is the tenth-largest stadium in the NCAA. The view of Georgia's campus and rolling hills from the open west end-zone has led many to refer to Sanford Stadium as college football's "most beautiful on-campus stadium", while the surrounding pageantry has made it noteworthy as one of college football's "best, loudest, and most intimidating atmospheres". Games played there are said to be played "Between the Hedges" due to the field being surrounded by privet hedges, which have been a part of the design of the stadium since it opened in 1929. [Wikipedia]

UGA Sanford Stadium Empty - Scoreboard End Zone View

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  • How do i order it so it looks like the ad? (Where the field looks so close?)

    Each and every Home Stadium ordered is custom printed to the precise height and width of your wall(s). To achive this, we need a little information from you: 1) Select between Color or Black & White image 2) Input the width (feet + inches) and height (feet + inches) to the right of the image 3) Click the 'Crop' button underneath the image. A separate window will appear containing the image and a crop box. The crop box is an exact representation of the width and height information that you entered on the product page (your wall). Scale the crop box by dragging the corners to make the image appear larger or smaller on the wall. When you're happy with the the look, click 'Confirm'. The window will then display the final cropped image as it will look on your wall(s). If you love it, click 'Confirm' once again underneath the image. This will send the information that we need to create your wallpaper. 4) Add the image to your shopping cart and check out using our secure payment portal powered by Shopify.  *Please note: there are quantity discounts based on the square footage purchased! >100sq.ft. purchased = 10% off, >150sq.ft. purchased = 15% off, and >200sq.ft. purchased = 20% off.